Secondary Programs

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Our secondary education sites all follow the structure of our new programme, ‘English through STEAM (STEM+Arts),’ which aims to teach general English contextually through areas including arts, debate, journalism, the environment, and film. While an academic programme at its core, ‘English through STEAM’ transcends its primary purpose to improve the academic abilities of our students, instilling confidence in students and fostering genuine curiosity.


Our volunteers regularly meet with teacher representatives from the schools we partner with to carefully craft the curriculum in order to meet the needs of all learning ages and abilities. In doing so, they ensure that all our students- regardless of their previous background in English- benefit equally from our sessions. The flexibility and adaptability of ‘English through STEAM’ brings together the best parts of our previous site-specific education curricula, allowing our students to create their own learning paths.


At the end of each term, the students embark on a personal project pertaining to a topic or subject they learnt about in our sessions. This project is an opportunity for students to condense their learnings from the past term and apply it to create a tangible product.

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