Founder and Founding Members bid Fond Farewell to Support!

Support! International Foundation, today (9 August 2018), hosted a farewell event for our Founder, Mr Joseph Wan, and Founding Members, Ms Kerry Hsu and Mr Ian Chu. The three senior leaders will step down at the end of the month and handover to a new generation of leadership, as they prepare to head off to university.

The event welcomed over 100 guests, many of whom are long term supporters of the Foundation’s work. Speaking at the event, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr Ming Wai Lau, highlighted the “remarkable strides that Joseph, Kerry and Ian took for youth development issues in Hong Kong”. He continued, “these three young people built something from nothing but an idea; and through the years of running an NGO, have become more experienced, mature, and forward-looking leaders.”

Since founding the organisation in 2014, Mr Wan, Ms Hsu and Mr Chu have scaled the impact of the Foundation from 43 beneficiaries in our first year, to now 1003 this year, and over 1800 students since our founding. In addition, the team of volunteers behind the Foundation has grown significantly to encompass over 150 students from 8 schools across Hong Kong.

Reflecting on the past 4 years, Mr Wan remarked: “It is amazing to think how far we have come as individuals, as an organisation and as a team.” In addition to sharing stories about challenges he faced as President, as well as about successes of the team, he also wished his successor well. “We are all hoping that Alex will do a great job. We are confident that he will.” Mr Wan said.

Mr Wan is succeeded as President by Mr Alex Yu, who currently serves as our Vice President, Community Development since December 2016, and President (Designate) since March 2018. A press release of Mr Yu’s appointment can be found here.