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About Us

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About Us

Support! International Foundation is an NGO that is completely led by secondary school students, wishing to give back to other youths of low income backgrounds. Our dedicated youth volunteers strive to teach these communities a programme focused on English through STEAM. In addition, our organisation hosts youth events monthly to empower youths through previously inaccessible opportunities. Our goal is to create the leaders of tomorrow and equip them with the skills needed to make a difference.


Mutual Learning

Every person in Support! is a learner. Our beneficiaries grow from our programmes that are not introduced in their existing school curriculums, furthering their communication skills, their critical thinking, and their creative thinking. In turn, our instructors learn about themselves and about the students that they’re working with, gaining a better understanding of the world that they live in and where they fit into it.


Youth Leadership

Support! has young people in every role up the ladder, from instructors to leadership positions. As youth members of society, we believe it is important for us to grasp at opportunities for our own growth and to find a place in the community. It is our responsibility to give back to the community that has done so much for us and make it an even better place for the future, as we are the ones who will see it.


Communities in Need

With a non-political and non-sectarian stance on issues in Hong Kong, Support! values helping all those who are in need of it. We interpret this position in two ways; the first of which being that we help under-served and under-resourced school and youth communities in Hong Kong. The second relates to relative opportunity, where we provide programme and event opportunities that young people, regardless of background, would not otherwise have. This informs the way we operate, and to ensure that all our programmes have a positive impact on the lives and livelihoods of our beneficiaries.



Joseph (second right) and senior leaders promoting our first program at Tak Oi Secondary School (2014)

Joseph (second right) and senior leaders promoting our first program at Tak Oi Secondary School (2014)

Originating from Hong Kong, Support! International Foundation was founded in 2014 by Joseph Wan, who aimed to centre the organisation on teaching local school students debate. With the help of many others, its first programme was launched at Tak Oi Secondary School with great success. A couple months later, Support! looked to contribute more to the community and expand its programmes; thus the second programme, Green Living, was launched at Aberdeen Technical School. The two successful launches enabled Support! to further propagate its cause, creating programmes in Australian International School Hong Kong, Man Kiu College, Chinese International School, Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College for those who need it most. Support! has also hosted two Youth Leadership Conferences and has begun hosting special events such as the Leaders of Hong Kong Series, the KELYxSupport UnConference, and Operation Santa Claus Fun4Funds Challenge. The organisation’s spirit, achievements and tenacity continues to inspire the team and other youths in Hong Kong and beyond.

*Note: the programmes at Chinese International School and Australian International school serve beneficiaries from various partnered community organisations.